The Courage Beyond

"There is a courage that goes beyond even an atheist sacrificing their life and their hope of immortality. It is the courage of a theist who goes against what they believe to be the Will of God, choosing eternal damnation and defying even morality in order to rescue a slave, or speak out against hell, or kill a murderer... You don't get a chance to reveal that virtue without making fundamental mistakes about how the universe works, so it is not something to which a rationalist should aspire. But it warms my heart that humans are capable of it."

Eliezer Yudkowsky, The Moral Void

[h/t: Luke]


Dur e Aziz Amna said…
OhmyGah, I love this.
raza said…
! but its not only the hell of after life ..the condemnation by your own poeple,the people you belong to,the people you will die for,the people that make you assured of rightness of you behaviour......when they condemn,there the real courage comes into play...its the condemnation of those people that actually will make a person think that his life is damned...if those people will approve of his behavior which is even wrong ,he will have no qualms over the religious verdict...its the society that gives us satisfaction,this society is of people we belong to ,whom we are associated with
Rekhaa said…
I have a feeling somehow that a theist blessed with such a luminous courage will perhaps be blessed with commonsense alongside it. I don't think he will believe that rescuing a slave or speaking out against hell or killing a murderer will upset God and hence the hope for immortality. I don't think he would believe he would be making a 'fundamental mistake'. His acts will sure remain acts of courage even so but I think this source of higher emotion that gives him the gift of courage will also perhaps subtly tell him that he is not, after all, defying morality is not going against his God.

As for rationalists, in saying that they better not aspire to this, I wonder if it means that the burden of mankind's progress is left to all others except them? :P
Komal said…
Yes, I agree with Rekhaa.