A heaven for the perverts.


Komal said…
Oh, this. Other than the pervertedness of it, note the extreme misogyny (in the form of objectification of women). Notice that the description totally denies women's personhood, making them mere objects to be consumed instead.
Awais Aftab said…
Indeed! It is dripping with misogyny to the point of nausea!
Komal said…
It's also a bit odd in its imagery. For example, he described people's livers as mirrors. How exactly will that work? They'll have to made of a highly reflective material, to begin with. And the flat surface area is not nearly enough. So everyone would have to have an enormous liver, with a flat surface made of a highly reflective material, AND their skin will have to be temporarily transparent!

On the misogyny point earlier: he instructed the male Muslims going to Heaven to use the women (objects) made available to them. He said: 'istimaal karo', which means 'use it/him/her'. He also said 'use them however you will' and 'dabaa kay', which literally means 'with pressure' or 'with force'. Note also his emphasis on their anticipated ability to hold erections for long periods of time. So sex is defined by men's erections, ending when they ejaculate? Right, so we have here:

- Women are objects to be consumed.
- Women have no subjectivity, personality, intellect or goals of their own, but are just holes to be 'f****d'.
- Sex is something men to do women, while women lie down and think of England, and the purpose of it all is men's ejaculation.
- Force and violence make sex better for men, and ought to be encouraged, which is fine since women are not persons anyway (nothing wrong with being violent toward an object that belongs to you).

Epic fail.
Anonymous said…
He did not just insult women (and men), but also made Heaven look like a brothel.
If these sentences were spoken by a non-Muslim, they would have been deemed as Blasphemous. (Much like some most 'authentic' Islamic books (not talking about the Holy Quran)that cite false incidents and talk about the Holy Prophet (PBUH) in a way that if some non-Muslim had written that, he would definitely have been killed.

P.S. It's your blog so you can write whatever you want, but it would have been better if you had not tagged this post as "Religion", since it has nothing to do with ANY religion. "Pervertedness" or " Desperation" would be more befitting. :)
maleeha khan said…
uff...!!! u should have remove it !!!