From the urdu short story Maan Jee by Qudrat-U-Allah Shahab.


Rai Azlan said…
short and touching. some that actually be named as high moral grounds. i would love to read the whole book Shahb Sb is a real icon in himself
Anonymous said…
But the author and the characters are all followers of the " the religion" you are usually sensitive about. Howcome you are reading it:-), and being inspired?:-)
Awais Aftab said…

I didn't say I was inspired. I am amused :)

I feel Shahab approached this description of obedience with an underlying hint of irony.

You can also sense an implicit question about the moral rightness of prioritizing parental obedience over national interest and vice versa.
:) Interestingly my initial reaction was same as anonymous but I guess it is possible to be amused only. I, on the other hand was inspired for life.