"The concept of eternal punishment is so abhorrent that, were it true, the only ethical choice would be to sin one's way into hell in order to work there for the overthrow of heaven's tyranny, and be on strike against God eternally."

[Hat-tip: Maria Amir]


Ahmad said…
same old deception of mind to make appear God as cruel and tyrant.

We have a machine in our head which can create words depending upon our intentions and emotions.
stumblingmystic said…
I love this.

One can't help but note that the Eastern religions ARE different from the Abrahamic traditions in that they have a much more optimistic view of sin and salvation. For one thing, they speak of ignorance rather than sin, and for another, they speak of salvation for all, with hell being at best a temporary state that is ultimately equivalent to a necessary purification.

And if hell is anything like Sri Aurobindo describes it, sign me up, please! ;-)

"Calvin who justified eternal Hell, knew not God but made one terrible mask of Him His eternal reality. If there were an unending Hell, it could only be a seat of unending rapture; for God is Ananda and than the eternity of His bliss there is no other eternity."

"Dante, when he said that God’s perfect love created eternal Hell, wrote perhaps wiselier than he knew; for from stray glimpses I have sometimes thought there is a Hell where our souls suffer aeons of intolerable ecstasy & wallow as if for ever in the utter embrace of Rudra, the sweet & terrible."
Anonymous said…
eastern religions can keep on sucking on cold stoned Shiva's linga.