Seeking the Now

When can I start living the life that I want to live and not the life that I am 'supposed' to live?

At what point would I have fulfilled the social stereotypes of success to a degree that I would be able to say 'Enough. Now I can do what I want. Now I can stop doing what I hate'?

There is no discernible moment.
It's now or never.


Raajii said…
cannot agree with you more.

The right time is always NOW.
Ayesha Noor said…
is it really now or never?
doesn't it ever seem like you might just be able to pull the next stunt off to keep the peace in your life and satisfy your society, and then maybe you can let the storm begin?
Awais Aftab said…
@ Ayesha

It'll be the same choice always. The demands of life will not change, the expectations will not change. And if I am not capable of deciding otherwise now, what makes me think that I'd be capable later on, in the same circumstances?

Of course, for some people, future may open up possibilities that do not exist at the moment, and that would create an asymmetry between choose-now and choose-later, making a choose-later more favorable. Depends on individual circumstances. I was more like thinking aloud on my own situation.
William Boone said…
I find the idea of first living the life of society and then your "desired" life very flawed. In my view there are no such lives as the life you are living because of society or the life you would have been living without society.

The only thing that really is, is the life you currently. It doesn't have to be an either/or scenario. In fact, I highly doubt it ever will be. It is always a mix between the both and I think it will help if instead of looking at what could be or could not be, you were looking at more of what you currently have and working with that.