Dealing with B.S.

What are the possible ways to deal with the judgmental bullshit of the society? [Such as this.]

1. Hide your inner private life from your public life as much as possible. Be the sinner in thought while acting like the saint.

The Gain: No judgmental bullshit
The Cost: Your hypocrisy and your passive support to the society's bullshit in maintaining the status quo, so that others like you have to face the same bullshit.

2. Live your life, without going out of the way to keep it hidden. Distance yourself from the bullshit and/or stop caring about it.

The Gain: Your are living your life, and not the shallow life you are expected to conform to.
The Cost: You'd need to be financially and psychologically independent of the judgmental elements of society, and for that you'd need a social circle and friends like yourself, and a great degree of mental resilience.

My Advised Solution: Begin with the first strategy to protect yourself, but with the aim of achieving the goals of second strategy. Keep working on your financial and psychological independence, and gradually shift to living your life.

Do you know of another way? Please share.


Komal said…
What you're saying sounds eminently reasonable.
Sami Mughal said…
tried out the first one... settled on to the second one...
ji ni. you can very easily start with AND stick to the second option. i'm doing it successfully. everybody in my class hates me. my parent are sick of me. It's all about being extremely dheet. Anyone can master that and it will help them yee-haw through life. sahi mai. (A) \m/ B-D
mysticservant said…
You know, there's a similar dilemma mystics have to face. Mystics, like superheroes (which I suppose they are), have secret identities, and have to live a double life.

The solution is just to maintain a state of inner peace. Even when you know someone else is wrong, it's ok. Let them be wrong and just get on with your life.

I hope this wasn't too irrelevant :P.
Malang said…
I'm not a great advocate of the double life. While it works for a while, one risks losing their own identity altogether.
I would opt for changing 'societies'; and by that I don't mean trying to change the society around you noble as that may be but escaping to a society that fits your needs.
Chaos said…
i say hit and trial..trial and error... you will learn, eventually everyone figures it out until life flings another b.s. on their face. But you can't reduce it down to a formula.