You are the different one, the odd one out, the one who cannot speak his mind because no one really gets you. You are afraid to show your inner self to others because it horrifies them. But you are still attached to these people; they are your family, friends, love. So you make peace with the silence and hypocrisy. You settle down to pretenses, cause that is the only way you know. You accept it as the price of being different.

And it takes only one person to change all that. You meet one person who accepts who you are, you meet one person who is not horrified by who you are, and it changes everything. You come to know that you don't have to hide, that you don't have to keep secrets, that you can just be yourself, that you are not alone and that you are not a freak.

All that silence and pretense begins to crumble, because now you know that things can be different. You begin to demand that they be different.

Your old life reacts. The world resists.
But you have tasted the fruit; you are no longer satisfied with the fake paradise.
You would rather fall, and create a world of your own.
And you will.
Whether it takes one life or many more.

But it takes that one person. At least one person.


Komal said…
Hmmm... I wonder if it would be appropriate to say that for me that one is God ;).
SaJ said…
And what if still, you're not 'the one' for them?
Just wondering.
You could imagine them perhaps.
I said…
But does it really?
No matter how much you read about it and talk about it,
I highly doubt there is anyone in this world who accepts us for who we are.
And no, I am not being a pessimist.
puzzled said…
wonderful and quite right
stumblingmystic said…
Beautifully written. Unconditional love and acceptance from anyone is life-altering.