Angry Feedback

An angry protest from a reader:

"You are always so biased in your judgement. What do you think boys do? Don't they have affairs and then marry the girls their parents want? If you say all this about girls, you should criticize boys too. They themselves can have affairs and then marry only those girls who never had any affair. It's because of this demand of a 'shareef larki' by boys that girls usually don't have affairs or they try to get married to that particular boy who starts eying her suspiciously later."

I don't know how I conveyed this impression so let me just state it to be clear: I am not criticizing girls. I am, in fact, on their side. I criticize the Pakistani society, because women are its victims. Posts like Elopement are not meant as criticisms of what girls do or that there is something morally wrong with elopement, rather the intention is to elaborate the mechanisms by which our society subjugates women. Men are a part of this society and a part of this problem. I have nothing but disapproval for boys who indulge in such hypocritical behavior and I am hostile to all such selective criteria of 'sharafat' by which women are judged.


F. said…
Well whaddaya know. (O_o)
Arguing for the same side, saying the same thing in different words, but too passionate about a cause to realize it? This is the kind of unbridled enthusiasm I'd rather stay away from.