Will You?

The response of Richard Dawkins to Lady Warsi.

'Dear Lady Warsi

Is it true that the Islamic penalty for apostasy is death? Please answer the question, yes or no. I have asked many leading Muslims, often in public, and have yet to receive a straight answer. The best answer I heard was from "Sir" Iqbal Sacranie, who said "Oh well, it is seldom enforced."

Will you please stand up in the House of Lords and publicly denounce the very idea that, however seldom enforced, a religion has the right to kill those who leave it? And will you stand up and agree that, since a phobia is an irrational fear, "Islamophobic" is not an appropriate description of anybody who objects to it. And will you stand up and issue a public apology, on behalf of your gentle, peaceful religion, to Salman Rushdie? And to Theo van Gogh? And to all the women and girls who have been genitally mutilated? And to . . . I'm sure you know the list better than I do.'


Malang said…
For once, I agree completely, with Dawkins. And it scares me that this might mean I'm an 'angry atheist'.
Komal said…
It's in matters like these that I find myself fully supporting Dawkins.
Anonymous said…
Yes. I will stand up and openly accept that "I believe a person who leaves religion after willfully accepting it must be condemned to death."

Your argument against it is no stronger than mine. You hold your views, I my own. Dont impose yours onto the society (myself included in that) through making it a law. If you do, get ready for anarchy. I see anarchy already in Pakistan as Rebels (different groups) are upholding the rebellion. Power to them. Be it through chaos or peace, goals must obtained of overthrowing the one who imposes his views over others (yourself onto the society that ex-Muslim must not be condemned to death after he/she willfully accepted Islam).