Aati: The more time passes, the more I realize I am not a commitment person. When people mention me and O as one, with the responsibility of his actions somehow automatically my burden to carry and the consequences mine to bear, I get irritated and I do wish or imagine he's left me and married someone else already. End of syapa. I love intimacy. I crave intimacy. But not at the cost of losing my own self, my individuality; you can't spell intimacy without two I's.


Raajii said…
But that's the thing - she is married to the wrong man. You don't lose your individuality because of intimacy - if anything the intimacy helps your individuality grow and shine. Believe me, I know how it is.

And, if she is feeling that way, then sadly she is with the wrong man. Sigh.
Awais Aftab said…
She's not married yet :)

You don't lose your individuality because of intimacy.

That is what she is saying too. There is something wrong with the intimacy that makes one lose one's individuality.
ahish said…
I wonder what 'O' thinks. If he thinks the same then both will be committing the same mistake of using the society as an external locus in order to determine the fate of their relationship.
P.S: 'O'--of all alphabets?
Komal said…
Btw, what's 'syapa'? :P
Awais Aftab said…
@ ahish

O obviously has some relevance to the person in question but it is obscure enough to maintain anonymity except for those with 'occult' knowledge ;)

@ Komal

It's a Punjabi/Urdu word. Used in the sense of 'problem' 'annoying issue'. Close in usage to 'museebat' but with a bit more slang flavor.