Saying what needs to be said

Aati: Saying what needs to be said, even if nobody's willing to hear it. :)

It was said in response when I told her that I would like to write a particular book even if nobody was going to publish it. I think it also beautifully captures the spirit with which I blog.


Butters said…
What's the book idea? If you don't mind me asking :P
meera said…
Aati my friend,

Do please give this message to Awais when you next talk to him, just to egg him on :)

"In saying what needs to be said, we speak for ourselves. In saying what needs to be heard, we speak for others."

The former has a potential of becoming an author, the latter a politician.
Awais Aftab said…
@ meera

Thank you. Advice well-received :)