The Sacrifice

Awais Aftab

He was a free soul
Forever transforming
Discarding old clothes
I was the imprisoned one
Blind to my bars
Until I tried to reach out
He could see no love without freedom
I could see no freedom without love
I wanted him to want me
To want my cage
To desire captivity
For us to be together
Till I became those very metal walls:
The finitude of his existence
The sacrifice demanded of him by the Infinite


rabia said…
ur poem is it!!
F. said…
"I wanted him to want me
To want my cage

Reminds of an old conversation. :)
Rupa Abdi said…
In the day you shall not find that which you seek.
for in darkness it hides and in light it cannot be revealed,
when the veil is thick and the dark night so long,
it is only Love that that can dispel an ignorance so strong,
and like mist it will be lifted to reveal the mountain peak,
and at last you shall become that which you seek......
- Rupa Abdi