Reichian Orgasm

Random interesting digged up finding of today:

Wilhelm Reich, a psychologist of Freudian tradition, believed that emotional health depends on the free flow of universal orgone energy (universal life force) through the body, and this flow finds its full expression in the Reichian Orgasm, a quasi-religious experience of cosmic orgasm, obtainable after a particular massage therapy. Apart from the Reichian Orgasm, ordinary orgasm also channels the orgone energy, but to a lesser extent. The ability to release energy during orgasm is called 'orgastic potency', and society's sexual oppression decreases orgastic potency, leading to various sorts of neuroses.


mysticservant said…
Sounds a bit like quackery, to be honest.

There are many energies (maybe 'orgone' is one of them), but religious experiences should not be described in sexual terms, nor are they sexual experiences.
Awais Aftab said…
This Reichian theory, at least in its original form, isn't valid. I think its importance is mainly as a precursor to other forms of therapies, which incorporate elements from it. Not that I can vouch for the current forms of sexual therapies; haven't studied them.
mysticservant said…
Oh, I see. It's good to hear you say that :P.