Parental Disappointment

"Saray chotay hotay kehtay thay kay iss kay khayalat baray oonchay hayn, bara aadmi banay ga. Kisi ko kia pata tha kay iss ki soch itni ghalat aur ghattya niklay gee."
(When he was a kid, everyone said he has lofty ideals and would be a great man. Who knew he would turn out to have such false and base thoughts.)

My mother, on my refusal to condone religion-sponsored murder.

Yes, indeed, the apple has fallen far from the tree.


Malang said…
"Teri jesi noon te vese hi munh band rakh ke aethon dafaa ho jaana chai da he. Musalman mulak ich rehn de qabil nahin e"

"The likes of you should just get lost from this country any way. You don't deserve to live in a Muslim country."

My aunt on my refusal to condone religion-sponsored murder. Greetings fellow bad apple.
Anonymous said…
I'm sorry that unreason and superstitious fanaticism are visiting such pain on you. I hope that eventually your countrymen and your family come to see the error of their ways, that the madness will leave them, and that kindness and tolerance will establish themselves in their minds.
Butters said…
Have heart: freedom is the final culmination. Did not the Supreme himself say so? ;)
Dur e Aziz Amna said…
And thank, thank, thank you Lord for the stray nature of the apple. ;)
aneeqa_idrees87 said…
not parents in my case but two of my best friends told me, "shhh, you are absolutely going astray so just shut up before you invoke God's azaab on you!" on my blunt criticism of the murderer being the security guard himself; munafiqat in the name of islam!
F. said…
Here I am, thinking of what to comment while listening to my father hurl abuses at me as he prays somebody kills me too, for being against Taseer's murder, for daring to suggest Asia Bibi may be innocent, for talking about Islam when I am "unfit to even take Nabi Pak's name."

What a world, Awais. What a world.
But I'm glad it's a world I share with you.
anam said…
Thank God not my parents ,but all my friends and classfellows gave me such icy reception as if i had committed Blasphemy.Now, i happen to be a religious person and its just so preposterous.I mean we are saying that the man who betrayed the person he had sworn to protect,butchered him in the most heinous way could dare to call himself a lover of PROPHET P.B.U.H who was kindness and mercy personified.
Another thing i've noticed that before this tragedy when I discussed the Asia Bibi case at university, girls were more sympathetic towards it and given the facts ofb the case agreed that it was a grave injustice. The point is the media, remained silent on the case when it should've educated the people about the facts.But of course it was too busy in sensational cheap journalism. Now they have seen this monster doing that heinous act in the name of Prophet so they automatically assume that since he has taken this huge step so of course he must be right in doing so........The problem i see with the society here they dont have clear perception of right and wrong especially in religious matters. They fear them,but never bother to understand for themselves.For most part they stick to the hand me down version of Islam.And if any1 does any madness in the name of Islam, the bigger,the bloodier ,the better society somehow feels that the least way to contribute towards getting HOORS ETC in the hareafter is to support that blood lusty maniac........The most intellectual explanation one can get here is that
"" us ne to jan ki bazi lga di......hum gunahgar esay ishq rasool ko kia jane""
""he gave his life...what we sinners know of this love for Prophet P.B.U.H''

its strange to know that parent of you and F. are like that.

My parents are not very highly educated , spent their lives very traditionally in a small city still they ended up being very moderate about these things. I wonder how difficult it is to live with such a mindset at your own home.

My luck in this case only, i guess.

As they are kinda conservatives sometimes.
Lorenzo said…
My profound sympathies.
Indian Pundit said…
Hey Aftab,

i hope your dear mother will one day realize what a great human being you are turning out to be!

i absolutely enjoy your posts.....

My wish:
Please write an autobiographical account of your life. i wanna know what made you the person you are?what made the apple fall "far from the tree"?
sandy said…
stay safe , my friend !
Anonymous said…
You have a very thoughtful site.

Be proud that you appear to have broken the bonds of intellectual, moral, and spiritual slavery that still imprison your mother - and many others.

You are meant to influence - for the good - the people that you can as much as you can; but, ultimately, it is the free will of each person - as granted by a good and loving God - it is the free will of each person to choose their own beliefs and actions.
Raajii said…
in this case, I think it is a good thing that apple has fallen far from the tree.

Its ok, parents are bound to disagree with us.
gaya said…
Someone often says that and I quote,'You are stronger than you know';) It'll be ok. hug!
Asad said…
My deepest sympathies. :c