Slave Mentality

[We were discussing the women who themselves accept the socio-religious restrictions being imposed on them as justified and for their own good, and I was admitting how such women often annoy me even more than the men who impose these restrictions on them.]

Aati: If you are someone who has spent substantial time arguing for someone's equal rights, every so often that someone steps in to tell you that you are in fact delusional and she has all the rights any 'woman' could ever need and you're the one who needs to be reigned in. And that act of standing up for being crushed down is frustrating and very vexing.


Zee said…
It actually isn't about slave mentality. It's about being ignorant to the real teachings of Islam, because they really are for a woman's benefit in the true sense. We are actually stuck elbow deep in the so called socio-religious thing that we think of those who oppose it as slaves.
F. said…
*rolls eyes at Zee*
Dur-e-Aziz Amna said…
@ F.:

I was just thinking today how women in Pakistan often say, with not a bit of vexation or trouble, that a woman's life is 'meant' to be one of sadness and struggle.