A Recap of 2010

At the last moments of 2010, I am going to offer you hand-picked posts from this blog made throughout the span of this year. These posts are meant as highlights of my journey, and represent dominant themes that I was concerned with. They also represent the evolution of my thought. I hope the readers will find this recap an enjoyable treat. Happy New Year, everyone :)

The Art of Mark Fray: The work of an erratic artist makes us wonder 'what is art?'

The Imperfect Society: How should one live in an imperfect society?

Resignation: Can resignation be bad-faith?

Love: The Potential for Abuse: Love is not beyond morality.

Unfair: Life is unfair.

Truth: She stood there, offering me the Truth...

Morality and Psychopathy I and II: Does psychopathy imply something about morality?

Out of Place: Feeling out of place in this society...

The Case for Abortion: Why I believe Abortion is justified.

A Heart Stifled: A heart without intellect is a heart stifled.

The Five Curses: A piece from the little prose I wrote this year.

Eternal Recurrence: An excerpt from When Nietzsche Wept

Fundamentalism: Aati explains Fundamentalism.

Perceptual Truth: Transcending skepticism

A New Intellectual Journey: Discovering Mysticism...