X: Do u think Jesus has ever reincarnated again in our world?
Y: Who knows ... my overall sense is that because the world is so stupid and materialistic that if a great soul decides to take a new birth it will likely just stay mum about it :P Because people will take these kinds of sacred truths and turn them into something so stupid and perverse. They'll deify the instrument, worship them, do everything they can to avoid the hard work of spiritual growth.
X: Perhaps there are no more prophets in the world because the prophets of the past have seen what people did to their mystical teachings and now choose not to reveal themselves.
Y: Yeah. I definitely get this sense that the Divine-in-manifestation is going through something of a learning curve and dynamically relating to its creation. Whenever a religion was revealed people turned it into a set of dogmas and the descending Truth would immediately withdraw behind the veil again to avoid being perverted into a pompous farce. So all the religions are dead and dying now.


Awais Aftab said…

I say the same. "Read For yourself."

I have read it. It doesn't hold up to my scrutiny.
Anonymous said…
No, Jesus has not reincarnated.
Ned said…
You might want to revise this given our ongoing e-mail conversation.
jm said…
where are the doubts/
jm said…
P.S:- The concept of descent of Jesus is false. Jesus( Peace Be Upon Him) died and there is no second coming.