When Nietzsche Wept: Excerpts 3

* "... there is a gulf -- a huge gulf -- between knowing something intellectually and knowing it emotionally.... This is where philosophy falls short. Teaching philosophy and using it in life are very different undertakings." [Breuer]

* "... we are more in love with desire than with the desired." [Nietzsche]

* "... life is a spark between two identical voids, the darkness before birth and the one after death." [Breuer]
"Life -- a spark between two voids. A nice image, Josef. And isn't it strange how we are so preoccupied with the second void and never think upon the first?" [Nietzsche]

* "I mean that one can't love a woman without blinding oneself to the ugliness beneath the fair skin: blood, veins, fat, mucus, feces -- the physiological horrors. The lover must put out his own eyes, must forsake truth." [Nietzsche]

* "And a woman? What about her meaning, her freedom? ... I can't choose freedom when my choice enslaves others. Have you thought about what your freedom means for me? What kind of choices does a widow, or a deserted wife, have?" [Mathilde, Breuer's wife.]

* "When you have to worry about the rent and the butcher's bill, you don't worry much about freedom." [Eva, Breuer's friend.]

* "You have a burden: the richer the soil, the more unforgivable the failure to cultivate it." [Breuer to Freud]

* "If we cannot embrace our own aloneness, we will simply use the other as a shield against isolation. Only when one can live like an eagle -- with no audience whatsoever -- can one turn to another in love." [Nietzsche]

* "... we are each composed of many parts, each clamoring for expression. We can be held responsible only for the final compromise, not for the wayward impulses of each of the parts." [Breuer]