When Nietzsche Wept: Excerpts 2

* "Though I care for my wife and my children, I don't love them! In fact, I resent being imprisoned by them. I lack courage: the courage to either change my life or to continue living it. I have lost sight of why I live -- the point of it all." [Breuer]

* "I can't cure despair, Doctor Breuer. I study it. Despair is the price one pays for self-awareness. Look deeply into life, and you will always find despair." [Nietzsche]

* Freud looked at Breuer in astonishment... "Despair? Why, Josef, you're atop the very crest of life!"...
Breuer winced. How could he admit to having wagered his whole life only to find that the final prize was, after all, not to his liking? No, these things he must keep to himself. These are things you don't tell the young ones.

* "Maybe," Breuer replied, "there doesn't have to be a next step? Perhaps simply revealing himself would constitute such a major achievement, such a change in his way of life, that it would be in itself sufficient?"
"Simple confession isn't that powerful, Josef. If it were, there'd be no neurotic Catholics!" [Freud]

* "Let me make an observation: I find it remarkable that you are responsible for all of your thoughts and all of your deeds, whereas she" -- Nietzsche's voice was stern, and he shook his finger at Breuer -- "she, by virtue of her illness, is exonerated from everything."

* "Like you, I have often wondered why fears reign at night. After twenty years of such wondering, I now believe that fears are not born of darkness; rather, fears are like stars -- always there, but obscured by the glare of daylight." [Nietzsche]

* "If you choose science, if you choose to be liberated from the soothing chains of the supernatural, if, as you claim, you choose to eschew belief and embrace godlessness, then you cannot in the same breath yearn for the small comforts of the believer! If you kill God, you must also leave the shelter of the temple." [Nietzsche]

"Don't you see, Josef, that the problem is not that you feel discomfort? ... The problem is that you have discomfort over the wrong thing!" [Nietzsche]

* 'What we fear is shallow water.' [Nietzsche]

* "Life is an examination with no correct answers. If I had it to do all over again, I think I would do exactly the same thing, make the same mistakes. The other day I thought of a good plot for a novella. If only I could write! Imagine this: a middle-aged man, who has led an unsatisfying life, is approached by a genie, who offers him the opportunity to relive his life while maintaining full recall of his previous life. Of course, he leaps at the chance. But to his amazement and horror, he finds himself living the identical life -- making the same choices, the same mistakes, embracing the same false goals and gods." [Breuer]

* "Not to take possession of your life plan is to let your life be an accident." [Nietzsche]


Butters said…
This seems like an interesting book. I think I'm going to borrow/buy it one of these days.
F. said…
"Though I care for my wife and my children, I don't love them! In fact, I resent being imprisoned by them..."

My father says this sometimes.
It's his explanation for a lot a things.
F. said…
Husbands are the ones imprisoned by their families, you see. Wives imprison them with all their cooking and cleaning up; they seal the lock by bearing children; they connive with those creations of theirs, the children, to reinforce the bars of the man's prison; they make sure the man can't escape, by giving up their own careers, their own friends, their own family of origin, their own lives. Very dangerous things, wives and children.
Butters said…
Love your comment, F! Total agreement.