Now is the Time...

“Now is the time for simplicity. Now is the time for – dare I say it – kindness.”


Intellect fails to offer comfort when death, and perhaps life too, are no longer abstractions and something that we are experiencing and going through. Something that we are suffering. Metaphysical puzzles that had intrigued us before suddenly open up to be absurd, complex but meaningless. That is when you need love and compassion... simplicity and kindness... and a gentle awareness that God has not abandoned you.

A brilliant movie. Highly recommended for all souls.


Butters said…
The great thing about learning that you are vulnerable is that you are forced to take an existential risk, and you are forced to trust. It is the latter that was conveyed in this film.
desiskeptic said…
Beautifully said -- speaks a lot to my present state at the moment. Will try and find time for the movie.