The Happy Man

"It is not the nature of most men to be happy in a prison, and the passions which shut us up in ourselves constitute one of the worst kinds of prisons. Among such passions some of the commonest are fear, envy, the sense of sin, self-pity and self-admiration. In all these our desires are centred upon ourselves: there is no genuine interest in the outer world, but only a concern lest it should in some way injure us or fail to feed our ego.... The happy man is the man who lives objectively, who has free affections and wide interests, who secures his happiness through these interests and affections and through the fact that they, in turn, make him an object of interest and affection to many others."

Bertrand Russell, The Conquest of Happiness


Butters said…
Actually the happy *person* is one who is spiritually Enlightened, but that's another story altogether :P
robertryu said…
happy person is the one who is internally satisfied.!!
Rush said…
a happy person is "actually" that person who takes interest in outer world,,,cz his soul no more requires to be fed ,his soul is already so much contented that he can study other souls now !!