There is so much in our lives that depends upon conditions over which we have no control. The innate potentials and skills we are born with, the personality traits we come to develop, the apparently random events surrounding us that determine our "luck" and lead to our success and failure. The situation hasn't changed much since the time humans lived in primitive tribes: Life is still unfair. Fickle gods still control our circumstances. And we still need prayer and gratitude to cope with all this.

I guess I don't really have a "point" to make. Just writing down some impressions on my mind.


Butters said…
It is true that we depend a lot on our circumstances. However, we have an inner well of power and wisdom which, if developed through introspection (among other things), increases our agency.

This won't give us 100% freedom, but it will increase the amount we have.

Also, prayer isn't merely a way to cope: it really works ;)
I think that the circumstances we have no control over really shape the way we really turn out to be in the end.
Bea said…
i believe some time we have no control on our circumstances, some things are pre destined