A Heart Stifled

We believe what we believe for reasons that transcend Reason.*

Only a few gifted individuals allow Reason to reason with their beliefs.

To go where the argument leads would be to be... promiscuous.

To be without reasoning would be to be either blind or capricious.

Open your heart to the musings of logic, the freedom of arguments, the play of deductions.

Use Reason not merely to justify, but to grow, to evolve.

A heart without intellect is a heart stifled.

A heart stifled is the worst of all hearts.

* Bodes gloom for the search of Truth.

But there never was a Truth to possess.

Only a Truth to aim for.


Malang said…
This is gorgeous. Thank you.
Butters said…
Word. Reason is of utmost importance in the development of the individual. Reason has spiritual importance.