Aborted Stories: The Five Curses

The Five Curses
Awais Aftab

The Guardian

He stood on the edge of the Water Tank, trying to discern the shapes that were the buildings and walkways of the university, that would have been visible all splayed out before this eyes, if it were not the opaque darkness of the charcoal clouds churning in the casserole of nighttide, – a nuit sans ├ętoiles – and if it were not raining blood from the sky. The cough intermittently rose in his chest like a geyser of ominous bile. The weakness in his limbs and his dyspneic breathing reminded him that time was short. There were greater forces at work here. He could almost feel the wings of the Cherubims fluttering in his face amidst the splatter of drops, their howls permeating the torrents of winds, threatening to tip his balance any minute. He was soaked in water but he knew that he was sweating, the gravity of what he was about to do bearing on his heart. It had been almost two months ago that he had become aware of that over-bearing knowledge… the five curses. He wasn’t supposed to remember all that! “Damn it, what went wrong?” He muttered, as he recalled his meeting – no, their meeting – with the Old Man. He had told them they’d have no memory of it. That lying bastard. One fine morning, just like that, the Knowledge had seeped into his conscious mind, and the world was no longer the same. He saw things, which others did not see. He saw the meaning of things. He was the only one who knew. The other four had showed no signs yet of any awakening.

He knew what he had to do. He just didn’t know whose side he was on, or for what purpose. It was all layers and layers of mystery. He could end the curse, he was the guardian. He was the key to it all. He would free those fools of their ignorance. This was his fate.

He took a breath, stretched out his arms like Jesus and threw himself forward in the air. Rapidly, he was falling and rushing to the ground. Right then there was a flicker of hesitation, almost as if whispered to him in tease by a passing spirit “What if you are not nulling the curses but unleashing them?” His eyes widened for a micro-second, and the words escaped his lips, “Oh Lord, what have I …”


To be on the Cross is to die with doubts.


F. said…
"To be on the Cross is to die with doubts."

You shouldn't do this, you know.
You shouldn't write sentences that make me fall in love with you!