Out of Place

Aati: I look around at my classmates, friends, relatives ... it's the same story: you believe in what everyone else believes; if you can't do that, then you believe a watered down apologetic version of what everyone else believes; and if you can't even do that, then you pack your bags and go elsewhere because there is no place for your here....

Awais, you give me the false hope that there are others out there like you, like me. When actually we're both more like solitary islands in an endless sea. Everyone and anyone we love may at some point choose to leave us, unless they are trapped just like us.

I'm talking in Ifs. Just thoughts, questions. The way society's radicalizing, there's less tolerance for alternative views. Maybe someday they'll have to make a choice. Maybe they won't. If they do, maybe they'll choose us. Maybe they won't. What are the odds?


Indian Pundit said…
"Out of Place"

Haha......Out of Place indeed!

Because of such "Out of Place" people like Aftab and Aati....i silently read this blog for abt 1 year!

and please be "Out of Place"!
Komal said…
I'm like you guys! I think :P

Anyway, everyone is really alone, and also not. They're alone in relation to other egos, but they're not alone in relation to God.
Najeeb said…
You don't need to pack your bags. The thing is that, if you ever were 'in the place', you'd never have seen the place in any other way. You were 'out of place' to start with. The different view comes from being out of place. Different views is a symptom of being out of place, not the reason for it.
Biya said…
well i beleive that different ideology is wat makes us who we are.. if we loose it then we dont exist.. so stick to wat u are
Ahm said…
May be it is because of our own strong desire to share or change others ideologies.

How can we reduce the friction when we are so inclined towards sharing our thoughts?
Attiya Awan said…
Having passed this type of thought situation for a long time,i would just add three sentences i once read

"first, the trees were trees
then, the trees were not trees
finally, the trees were trees"