"Man does not admire anything sincerely except what is undeserved.
Talent, lineage, beauty."

Don Colacho [source]


F. said…
I disagree.
Talent, lineage and beauty are easy to admire. People are like water and they prefer to take the path of least resistance.(Although some of us are more like the salmon determined to swim upriver.) They DO admire other things, truer virtues that weren't bestowed by random fortune, but that first requires admitting their own flaws. Which takes time.
Awais Aftab said…
@ F.

You are talking about the exceptions. Aphorisms almost always generalize.
Dur-e-Aziz Amna said…
@ '...talent'
Hear. , Hear.
F. said…
I don't think it's general enough to be generalized.
Every talent, lineage, beauty which I have ever admired has been undeserved?? :S