X: Ultimately, no matter what our lives have been, we all die. Dust. Makes you wonder, what's the point of it all.
Y: Would immortality have been any less absurd?


Dur-e-Aziz Amna said…
*rendered speechless for some time*

Wow. That's...Wow. My heart just started beating faster because that makes so much sense. O gosh!!!
There's basically no difference between mortality and immortality. both are equally absurd and both are equally not-so-absurd (whatever the right word for this is!)
Komal said…
Yes, if it's the immortality of an evolving soul in an evolving universe that will culminate in the Kingdom of God.

I've quite gotten the hang of my own immortality, and don't find it absurd at all :D.
Dia said…
Conclusion: both X Y's n whole mankind's thirst for pleasure cannot be quenched!