X: Life is so unfair to me. I am cursed.
Me: Life is unfair. There is not much justice to be seen. Some believe in Karma, that things eventually balance out in the end and people get what they deserve. But empirical evidence for it seems to be lacking to me. And it is precisely this lack of evidence that some take to be a moral proof for the existence of a hereafter, where justice will be restored. Some other believe in the 'greater plan' where all suffering and pain somehow makes sense. And there are yet others who believe in the intrinsic absurdity of this world and that all this unfairness amounts to nothing greater, but is still to be challenged and rebelled against.
X: *stares blankly*
Me: Well, this was a brief philosophical overview of the matter at hand, which i believe did not comfort you at all.
X: What do you believe?
Me: *after a pause* I don't know.


The Crutch said…
Well, I believe in karma now after some experiences.
Anonymous said…
You made me giggle, Awais Aftab. Thanks, I neede it! Love, Alec
The Me. said…
Just dropping in to say, that I love your blog. I often open it and read one of them older posts. The movie quotes, random quotes, the dialogues, and other all the other tid bits. I love reading them. There's unusual stuff here. Interesting stuff. I like it. And. Thats it I guess.
if X is a "she" and she is distressed, then NO it did not comfort her at all.
But I see your point, my friend :-)
Awais Aftab said…
@ The Me.

Thank you :)
u made ME smile...
but wht bout X?