What an autobiography should aim for: to write with such disarming candid honesty that it's almost impossible to judge you for the things you have done.


» sahil said…
Haha. I wonder how many autobiographies are actually like that?
Komal said…
That seems rather an odd thing to say. A person can always hold something or another against you. It's not like your writing can control their thoughts :P.
Nadia said…
Lol, try reading Javed Iqbal's 'Apna Giraiban Chaak'

It fits your description perfectly. He(Iqbal's son) is BRUTALLY honest in it. Amazing book. All his deepest!
Dur-e-Aziz Amna said…
That is so definitely true. :) That is probably the reason I've cut out 'writing a biography' from my list of to-do s. I don't think...I have the guts. :p

@ Komal:
Pray, can't it? :p If anything can, writing can.