On the Facebook Ban

Come on, people, grow up! Stop being such whining babies.


F. said…
You have to admit though--comments such as "Muslims are subhuman." ARE offensive. I'm against the Draw Muhammad group for this reason: whatever ideology they may have started out to protect, it's become a messy mix of racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia and stupidity.

The annoying thing is, people on that group actually WERE calling for all Pakistanis to be banned from Facebook ('in the name of all that is Civilized'. Paraphrased quote.)
Wish granted. :/
F. said…
On a side note, have you noticed how eagerly the govt bans social media tools? The ones it has least control over? Sinister.

Oh and are "Islamic Lawyers" (like the ones they say pushed for a full Facebook ban instead of the group's page) more theologians than lawyers?
Awais Aftab said…
@ F.

I agree with you. There is nothing noble or great about the Draw Muhammad group. They are no better lot.

In a sane world, they would be totally ignored. There would be no need to ban them cause people would be mature enough to be indifferent rather than be the fiery-fools they are now.

I don't get the Muslim demand of unconditional respect from all people of the world for their religion. Hello! Wake up! That ain't gonna happen. You can't impose respect on others. You can't claim to be super-special and be immune to ridicule.
Anonymous said…
@ awais:
Muslims dont push for respect, its just that they dont want humiliation, as is the REAL case which you dont feel or understand
Anonymous said…
It's not childish. Facebook isn't oxygen, even if it was we would give it away for Prophet(PBUH). If someone disrespects your parents, you would punch him in face, won't talk to him in your life. Then why it's childish when it comes to Prophet(PBUH)
The other anon. is right, you don't feel the thing. We're not demanding unconditional respect. If Facebook can delete Jew-Hatred groups for little amount of reports then why not this?
They want to hurt our sentiments and want us to react violently and then label us terrorists or sit and laugh at our silence or feel the joy of victory when Muslims think IGNORE, it's no big deal.
Awais Aftab said…
The presumption that no one in the world should talk about/depict/criticize/satirize Islam and Prophet in a way that Muslims find offensive is a highly arrogant presumption.

Before the Draw Muhammad project turned into 'a messy mix of racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia and stupidity', its basic idea was actually to uphold the artistic freedom to draw. An artist is free to draw a depiction or caricature of anyone he wants, but this freedom suddenly comes to a halt when it comes to Muslims, because oh, oh, Muslims are so touchy. Muslims' belief that they be respected infringes on the freedom of artists and writers. Why should they be treated so specially? Muslims' sentiments get hurt at the tinniest of things. Of course, Muslims have a right to protest. Condemn it. Leave Facebook if you find it so offensive. Do a massive boycott of Facebook. It is your right. But it is not your right to Ban the website for the whole country, even for people like me who wish to be simply indifferent to the whole issue. You have problem with Facebook, leave it. Why should I get to stop using it, huh?
Foggy Foggy said…
Well I won't call you a 'satanist', But whenever I get to see people like you, the first word comes in my mind is 'satanist'... And, in sane world like, say fantasyland, they don't insult others' faith/religion or even their parents like drawing some cartoon characters with ladies in their arms...
This part is true that they will draw totally as same as they are taught by their society, but aren't they taught that they have no right to hurt others' feelings with their art? duh!
And there is nothing 'good' in Draw Mohammad project. There is no art in trying to draw holy prophet (SAWW)as bad as anyone can.

P.s. And who says that you can't use facebook in Pakistan after ban, duh! You have brain fella! dig out some anonymous proxy sites/anti ban browsing! use non Paki proxy! If you are such desperate soul!
AICHA said…
I agree with you Awais. And I know that these people will never understand that.
It seems that instead of ignoring it, people are indirectly promoting it.
This Mindset is menifesting itself in every sphere of life in Pakistan. It's like creating a mountain out of a mole-hill. And yeah, how poular these kind of people are getting, we can only imagine that. Muslims are alienating themselves more by such senseless acts.
Protest-they should but protest shouldn't get to the bottom of ridiculousness, that the whole cause is rather jeopardized.
Oliver Queen said…

"If Facebook can delete Jew-Hatred groups for little amount of reports then why not this?"

Can you give an example of this? or is it something you just think is happening?

The situation is simple. Avoid that group which is being offensive; if you want, speak against the group (non-violently) but don't ban facebook. Thats just plain dumb and would achieve nothing positive.
Anonymous said…
I don't have much to add but that I agree with your stance on this. HRMPH!!! Everyone who copied that status didn't even think TWICE or even bother to Google it and now everyone's a better Muslim because Facebook's been banned.

What a loada crap.
Anonymous said…
there is no doubt that all of us love prophet pbuh.the only thing we are wrong about is the way of protest.Ignore and standup and spread the peaceful and love promoting philosophy of islam in such a way that next time thay should think twice before doing such an act which promoted instead of demonizing islam.these people are rigt in their sayings."It seems that instead of ignoring it, people are indirectly promoting it. Muslims are alienating themselves more by such senseless acts.
now everyone's a better Muslim because Facebook's been banned."
Uni said…
It's wonderful that you're supremely oblivious to religion and religious personalities. But for the rest of us, it ain't that easy.

Making fun is something that they do ALL the time. Do WE protest ALL the time?

We protested, because they targetted something specific: drawing of the Prophet. Now why is it specific? Because it's not allowed firstly. And secondly, they ain't drawing a revered figure - they're making CARTOONS.

Now tell me. Would you really laugh and shrugg it off if somebody drew insulting carricatures of your parents/loved ones? Maybe you will. But speak for the masses. Will they take it well 'without whining' or will they protest?

So listen up. The Prophet is dearer to the Muslim than his/her parents. And if ANYBODY insults him in specific manner ... then sorry. We're going to protest. And you cannot take away THAT fundamental right.
Komal said…
I agree one million percent with Awais :D.
Komal said…
The pro-banning commenters are making some fairly laughable arguments. Shrugging something off and banning Facebook are not the only two ways of responding to something offensive.

Who said anything about protesting, or merely having feelings about drawings of Muhammad? It's banning Facebook -- and just banning things in general -- that we have a problem with. If you want to protest, go ahead. If you want to be offended, go ahead and waste your emotional energy. But banning a social networking website (which isn't even comprised of just that one group!) is a nonsensical response, both morally and rationally. It neither accomplishes what it is supposed to, nor is it justified to place such a restriction over people's freedoms over something like this.
Komal said…
I should also mention that since this ban is self-imposed, the analogy with punching someone who insults you doesn't apply for at least one reason. A more appropriate analogy would be punching yourself in the face. It's not the cartoon-makers who are being 'punished' here, but Pakistanis.
Anonymous said…
Reply to what Mayhem wrote in her blog. JUST REPLYYYYYYYYY to her.


F. said…
Awais, on a subconscious level, people are reacting to the sheer hostility. It's not ridiculous. It's how confrontations go. Ordinary Muslims do make jokes about their religion, they do complain, they aren't as uptight as certain groups within and without would like everyone to believe, but the intentions are different. When a Muslim cracks a joke about angels or surahs or even God, the intention is not to mock them. Religion is a part of life, one way or the other, and life is a tragicomedy. We have to deal with it. However, the attacks made by the group were malicious and much more direct/personal than reasonable criticism on ideological basis should be. (I know because I checked them out. You can NOT defend "Kill all Muslims.")
Secondly, as people have pointed out, it IS harder to get away with anti-semitism in the West, even if perhaps simply because that's what they're taught because that's what's part of their collective memory. Globalization happened before we could learn to cope with greater diversity, I guess. As a result, a large number of people are ambivalent about Islam, and some are very openly hostile to it. (Pretty much the same thing in this part of the world, although we've had experience of living in a pluralistic society at various points in the history of the subcontinent.)
Btw, I've heard the artist pulled out from the Draw Muhammad group. :/
And I'm firmly against the ban, but I don't find people's reaction to discrimination babyish. There had to be better way of going about this.
Awais Aftab said…
Komal explained it very well.

Muslims have a right to protest if they are offended. I am not against that. Even though i may believe it is a hypersensitive response, i still accede that they have a right to protest.

I am specifically against the ban.

@ F.

You make a good point.
Uni said…

Muslims have a right to protest if they are offended. I am not against that. Even though i may believe it is a hypersensitive response, i still accede that they have a right to protest.

Then you're nullifying the very text of your post.
Awais Aftab said…
@ Uni

No, it doesn't nullify it. The post merely states that i find the vehement protests and the banning of facebook on this issue to be a childish reaction. It doesn't state that you are not allowed to protest. You can protest all you want, i wouldn't ban it :P but i would still call it childish and express my disapproval of it.