Best Individual Blogger

I am glad to announce that the results of Pakistan Blog Awards have been declared, and I have won the Best Individual Blogger award! :D


My thanks to everyone who voted for me, and thanks to the judges who felt that i deserved the award. But my most grateful thanks to the faithful readers of this blog who have appreciated and supported me over the years and have given me a reason to write.

And thank you, Aati. This blog would never have been what it is without you. *hugs*

Thank you! :)


vics said…
Congratulations! Now that you have won an award, I'm going to start reading your blog posts!
Roshni said…
yaay congrats! ..I don't comment as often but I reeeead -nod-
Komal Ali said…
Congratulations :)
Pixie said…
congrats! :) I feel like blogging after reading blogs like yours!
Congrats on winning the blog award. Your blog is impressive. Keep it up.
tima7 said…
I am actually a little bit obsessed with your blog so I have to say, thoroughly deserved and of course - congratulations.