Me: If I die, I would die content knowing that I have touched many lives.
Aati: That's a good feeling to have.
Me: Yeah.
Aati: But. Just for the record. That's a bad feeling to have at age 22!
Me: Hahaha!


Qasim Aziz said…
Is it me or Aati just gets the best of you every now and then? :P
Dur-e-Aziz Amna said…
No, it's not just you, Qasim. :p
Dur-e-Aziz Amna said…
A tiny little compliment for you in there, Awais bhai. :)

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Anonymous said…
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Komal said…
I used to have these thoughts when I was 16 0_o
Anonymous said…
I second Qasim, LOL

Aati is so right!