M. Awais Aftab

I made peace with the shadows
And ceased war with the lights
So now i stand
The brown child
Of an inter-racial marriage


Anonymous said…
cantt understand!:(
what u wanna say
Butters said…
You are?

Oh, wait...
ahh that brown child...
I can relate to this. Sigh.

beautifully done :-)
Anonymous said…
a brillaint piece. Amazing. The depiction of light and darkness in the emergence of the "hybrids" (Homi K. Bhabha), a brillaint deconstruction of racism (hierarchy of races) in the Derridian line through the birth of the inter-racial child. Us/Me and the Other are now unified.
But I hope this child remain stationary and does not inherit the genetical defects of the parents at perpetual war. A masterpiece.
Insanely insane said…
Aptly put. You have an interesting way of saying things, which I like. :)