Random Nuggets

I regret going into medicine, and i regret going to KE. I feel that my life has been wasted.

A friend says that she likes being alone because when she is with people she is always afraid that they would see through her mask.

People around me are so homophobic; its just sad. Homosexual humor is acceptable to them; indeed, half of their jokes contain direct or indirect gay references: the only way they can make sense of homosexuality is to see it as a perversion.

The social morality i perceive is the morality of sexual frustration.

I sometimes think that if i were abducted and slaughtered by some religious fanatic, many of the people I know wouldn't hesitate to say, "He deserved it."

'Before you came to Sparta, I was a ghost...'

'Resign to God's will' says the society to the people on whom it imposes its authority.


F. said…
"I'm tired of a god bound by the will of man."

Said to someone an era ago in my life. Your post reminded me.
Dur-e-Aziz Amna said…
'Resign to God's will' says the society to the people on whom it imposes its authority'.
Oh, but aren't they the same?

Homophobia: So true. :(
Anonymous said…
You didn't waste your time youngin, the real purpose of you ever wanting to go to KE was not to please the homophobic society. It was to help propagate humanity, which this society has lost. I once was also a med student, the atmosphere there was also such that I thought they'd have me killed if they could have what they wished. The only difference between them and I, was that we had a "different concept" of God.
Uni said…
That's something I'd never understand. Why DID you go into med?
Anonymous said…
You regret going into medicine and you regret going into KE? My my, aren't you simply being submissive to a weird form of "resignation"?

Move on with life. I am pretty sure you would have said the same thing if you were in computer or electrical engineering, or even studying philosophy. That just happens to be the problem with not seeing the "other side of the world".

I hate presenting arguments such as "Look you are so lucky! So many people wanna get into KE and they fail yet you are soooo sooo lucky and intelligent!!!!" They don't hold any charm now that you are deep into medical profession. In reality, you are not even 5% devoured into what the true medical profession is. Just explore different horizons and you'd find a multitude of opportunities.

Opportunities! Even if you use the concept of "fate" to explain them, remember they REALLY are worth it! ;)

- Panda