Litmus Test

Over the years i have had philosophical discussions with all sort of people and it baffles me that a philosophical argument appeals to one person but not to another. There is, however, one thing that i have noticed; a Litmus test, of sorts. The ability to philosophize depends on how much a person is troubled by the inconsistencies in his life. An average, normal person has a very well-developed ability to tolerate or simply ignore glaring contradictions in life: between different beliefs he has, between the beliefs and actions, between different actions. A normal person is not troubled by these discrepancies, but a philosopher is. That seems to me to be one of the basic differences.


Butters said…
Very true! And utterly brilliant of you to point this out.

I made this exact same realization when I was a teenager, and I thank God for my philosophical anal-retentiveness everyday when I think of how relaxed temperaments aren't bothered by or don't experience cognitive dissonance.
Anam said…
True. This is so true. I can't agree more :D
and a normal person finds it difficult to comprehend these philosophies.

To be honest, sometimes I envy the "normal" people. :-)
Kunwal said…
reading all the comments, i feel that the classification of people in "normal" and "philosopher" is getting abused.
i have had my philosophical phase in my life and when i found my answers, i became a "normal" person. so instead of analyzing the contradictions in my life, i focus on solutions and improvements now. that does not mean i have "difficulties to comprehend philosophies".
also i am not a minority in this. i would say that most people have "philosphical capabilities" they just dont express it (or maybe dont have the words to express it because they might not be skilled enough). and worrying about contradiction or dissonance is not a better form than being of a relaxed temper - it always depends on the context.
Kunwal said…
p.s. though i agree with you awais. you wrote it well.
Anam said…
It always depends on the context >> love to agree.

Dukh insaan ko falsafi bana deta hai (read somewhere)
My pals often say and I tend to think, I haven't been through much; life's been pretty straight for me, so I don't come up with those philosophical and abstract notions. For all those years, now I've started to believe either you're a born philosopher or gone through much much pains or you're just another person.
Sounds like a shallow thing but I can't help thinking like that or may be most people have "philosophical capabilities" they just don't express it (or maybe don't have the words to express it because they might not be skilled enough)
Not being able to explain what's up in your head is frustrating.
AICHA said…
Just one word.