My first post on KELLOGS, which is the official blog of King Edward English Literary Society, of which i am also the President: Dreary Non-existence


I was unable to comment on that blog because the comment box word verification wouldn't load properly but here it is:

so so good. I can so relate to this being a final year student in the university where everyone seems happy on the surface but we all know better than that :-).
Thank you for this post :-)
Awais Aftab said…
Thanks Raaji! :) I have changed the comments setting. Can you please try again to post the comment there?
Butters said…
Kellogs? Like the cornflakes?

They really should have come up with a better name :P
Awais Aftab said…
@ Butters

Slightly different spelling, but yeah, said like that.

It's a loose acronym actually: KELS (King Edward Literary Society) and BLOGS.

KELLOGS sounds catchy :P
Kunwal said…
this is an excellent piece of writing!