Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day
by Awais Aftab

A person is selling roses on the signal.
I am drawn to buy one for you.
But like all such temptations,
I have learned to suppress it with a smile.
Knowing full well that,
Condemning the petals to wither on my desk,
Would not bring you any closer to me.


Anonymous said…
uh, couldn't have put it better. Befits me, totally.
misspecs said…
No, I don't get it...

If you bought one for her, why didn't you give it to her- there's no point in buying it FOR her- maybe you could've said you're buying one because it reminds you of her?

Or is the person in question not there any more? Even then, you can't buy one FOR her- in memory of her, maybe.

I can't understand anything today! I should refrain from commenting when at work, LoLz.
F. said…
Because he can't give it to her, because she might not accept it, or because there might not be opportunity to do so.
He may be able to love her from a distance, but no matter what he does, that distance stays. It is the invisible barrier he has learned to stop fighting against.

I love this poem.