by M. Awais Aftab
Dedicated to Mayhem.

To disembowel
To drive oneself
to the heart's last beat

To cease to be!

But why?
Does ex-cease-tence need a reason.

Madness. Mania.
Desperation. Depression.
Folly. Frenzy.
Grief. Greed.
Honor. Houri.
Pain. Penance.
But the Archangel of them all...

To think, to believe
To know
That one deserves better than this world
This life
That is the secret
Behind that final slice of knife
From left to right.


Mohsin Mirza said…
though i dnt knw much bout the poetry bt this piece of writing surely reflects a deep thinking behind it ! :D
WritingsForLife said…
my God you are good!!!
Asna said…
hsa said…
You have left me speechless Awais