Creating God in Our Own Image

Read this excellent article by Tom Rees on Epiphenom explaining the results of a study which indicates that people’s view of what God wants is actually a projection of their own beliefs and opinions: What you want, god wants


Anonymous said…
I have read Hazrat Umer say so. Also I think bible mentions that. Clever people those. Religious or not I think those guys made sense in many aspects. Good brains no matter what. Anyways he did say God is as you see Him.

Anyways he did say God is as you see Him. I think to many He's the big borther kinda figure. The symbol of hope and solace and guidance.

BTW, Is atheism in? Seems like its in fashion though I always thought mankind can't live without gods and that the religious look won't ever be out. But evolution I guess?
Awais Aftab said…
Well, i wouldn't call it a "fashion". Nobody wants to risk an eternity in Hell just to follow what's in vogue ;) Atheism is attracting significant numbers of young people who are dissatisfied by organized religion, because internet has given a freedom of expression and belief which was impossible in conservative religious societies before.
Anonymous said…
The point is they don't believe there is a hell.

And I think humans beings are rebellious by nature. Its kind of a cool idea that you defy a bigger power. Well to be honest to many young atheists thats the only charm. As their youth energy fades away into maturity they do stick to one or another kind of god.

That said not belieiving in god makes as much sense as belieivng in him. Its just as twisited as religion has been the bases of many wars being fought but it has been the reason many a peace, hope and love around the world.

Religion and God has defined our lives and will define it.

My grand dad used to say, "jis ka koi khuda nahi hota us ka khuda waqt hota hai" (Time/age is the god of atheists)
Anonymous said…
Sartre "Human's Will to be God". Interesting essay. give me your e-mail. I will scan and e-mail it to me. It was a part of my "God and Metaphysics Course".
Awais Aftab said…
@ Anonymous

Sure, thanks a lot!