Secrets and Friends

X: You are comfortable with your life, happy with your friends, and then suddenly one day you have a secret; doesn't matter what it is, it's just something that doesn't align with the moral compass of your buddies. And it strikes you that all those people you thought were the closest to you, you can no longer trust them. That's what this secret does. It uproots you from your comfortable illusion of being accepted. It painfully alienates you from your friends, who have just been rendered fake. And you realize that all the while you were looking for friends at the wrong place. A person who has no secrets doesn't know where to look for friends.


WritingsForLife said…
I don't know if I completely agree. Are having secrets THAT of a problem. I think we should all have some secrets.
MJ said…
Secrets sometimes strengthens friendshipss.
And I doubt we have friends, let alone one, who can understand us completely and thus the secrets itself.
If its bound to fail, it will on one turn or another.
Rabab Khan said…
It actually does matter what the secret is. But then again, it also depends on the perspective you take.

For instance, if the secret is, lets say, drug addiction, then obviously the whole perspective, the complete definition of what a friend is, is distorted.

If by friends we mean people who think like us, who we can share our secrets with and who we can trust to not judge us, then yes, a secret does alienate us from them. The moment they judge us for it, we split.