Evolution All Around

"Dawkins invites the reader to share the frustration of an imaginary history teacher, some of whose students refuse to accept that the Roman Empire ever existed, or that Latin is the mother tongue from which the Romance languages evolved. Instead of concentrating on how Western culture emerged from the institutions of the Roman state, the teacher must spend time combating a school board that insists he give equal time to their alternative view that French has been spoken from time immemorial and that Caesar never came or saw or conquered. This is exactly analogous to the plight of the biology teacher trying to acquaint students with the richness of modern biology in states where fundamentalist opponents of evolution hold sway."

Nicholas Wade, Evolution All Around

It is a very balanced review of Dawkins' new book 'The Greatest Show on Earth'. I would recommend the reader to read the whole article. Here are its ending lines:

"This brings me to the intellectual flaw, or maybe it’s a fault just of tone, in Dawkins’s otherwise eloquent paean to evolution: he has let himself slip into being as dogmatic as his opponents. He has become the Savonarola of science, condemning the doubters of evolution as “history-­deniers” who are “worse than ignorant” and “deluded to the point of perversity.” This is not the language of science, or civility. Creationists insist evolution is only a theory, Dawkins that it’s only a fact. Neither claim is correct."


Anon said…
Hey Awais

Evolution vs Creationism debate sucks big time.

Only two groups of people indulge in it:
1) A significant section of Muslims.
2)Christian right-wingers.

Evolution may be just a theory or a fact with substantial evidence for it ( nothing conclusive ) BUT creationism is pure Crap....Creationism does not even deserve any mention.....i simply dont understand what Muslims/Right-wing Christians dont get it.

If you have oppourtunity try to interact with Chinese/Japanese/Korean students regarding this......they might laugh at it.
Anon said…
Correction in the above:
Should be :
"i simply dont understand why Muslims/Right-wing Christians dont get it."

Every tribe in this world have their own theory of creations. Tribes of Africa/South America/ Aborigines of Australia.......how about debating all these theories??????
Awais said…
@ Anon

I agree with you. Scientifically, creationism is pure crap.