The Cheerleader Effect

Barney: Ahhh, there is so much to teach you all. You have just become victims of ... the Cheerleader Effect. Glad you asked. The Cheerleader Effect is when a group of women seems hot, but only as a group. Just like with cheerleaders. They seem hot, but take each one of them individually….sled dogs!

How I Met Your Mother, Episode 4.08


haha... I am glad you are hooked to Barney's theories... there are many more to come... "the hot/crazy scale", the lemon law, theory of world peace, theory of cheating.
My friends call me Ms Barney because I quote him all the time. He is one of a kind! :-)

I know I am definitely going to go lick the liberty bell at one point :-)
Anonymous said…
Wow, this post is legen...and i hope you're not lactose intolerant when I say it..dary. LEGENDARY!

Barney is the cutest thing ever. I'm spcially impressed that a guy who is gay portrays a womanizer so realtistically. Stunning, his acting skills are.

@ (¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯), I'm gonna do that too. ;-) And I remember the Lemon Law and the Hot/Crazy scale. Wow, for a person who rarely watches TV, I seem to know my HIMYM ;-)