When a believer and non-believer fall in love

What happens when a believer and non-believer fall in love and get married? In this insightful article here, Dr. K. Sohail explains how this relationship proceeds in three stages of Honeymoon, Conflict and Decision-Making, the third stage ending in one of three possibilities: a healthy resolution, divorce or an unhappy marriage. Dr. K. Sohail then goes on to show that the outcome does not depend on what religious/philosophical ideology the persons in the relationship actually hold, but rather on their types of personalities. A recommended read.

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Ron said…
Very enlightening post indeed.
Thanks for sharing.

Can u explain the religious significance of circumcision?

Also,i feel in such situations its better to let the Child DISCOVER religion....instead of "brain washing" into a particular religion.
Komal Ali said…
If they are tolerant and adaptive, I don't think the differences should matter so much. :)