Girl as Nude

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Girl as Nude
by B. Sullivan
from deviantART

You are in your Picasso mood
soft nude blues
and sharp grey
confuse me.
I like you better
as Van Gogh
daft as a brush
sipping absinthe
while you dance on tables;
or maybe Gauguin,
curving under a palm tree,
full and nut brown -
your breasts
flirting against my shirt;
or Monet,
floating on lilies -
your mouth
that kind of red
I want to devour

(posted with author's permission)

1) Blue Nude by Pablo Picasso
2) Still Life with Absinthe by Vincent van Gogh
3) Tahitian Woman by Paul Gauguin
4) Nymphéas by Claude Monet


Bhai Chod said…
The time worn tale of how female seduction trumps masculine intellect: Phyllis and Aristotle.