Cryptic Thoughts 2

X: To believe in a specific God of a specific religion on the basis of faith alone is like believing that infinity multiplied by zero has only one answer and that is, say, 192.


Awais said…
Many would be thinking "What the hell does this mean!". Figure it out for yourself :P

About infinity multiplied by zero, well, the answer is said to be "indeterminate" or "undecided", but it is possible to argue the case that infinity multiplied by zero is equal to anything you choose.

A mathematical demonstration of this argument was given on a forum, which i will post here:

'Let x be the unbounded sequence 1, 2, 3, ...
Let y be 1/x.

What is x * y?
Easy. x * y = x / x = 1
This is true for all x, and so as you let x increase to infinity, y decreases to zero. At the limit of this sequence, x is infinity and y is zero. Therefore 1 = x * y (by before), which also equals ∞ * 0 (as x = ∞ and y = 0).

Now, what about letting a = 2x?
a * y = 2x * y = 2x / x = 2.
But again, taking the limit as x --> ∞.
As x --> ∞, a --> ∞
∞ * 0 = a * y = 2.

So you have
∞ * 0 = 1
∞ * 0 = 2

This can be done for any value you choose.'

Mayhem said…
Right now, I'm thinking why is it that we doubt God only and believe everyone else?
I know what you mean. My faith is no longer there. -_-
Butters said…
I don't quite see how there's an analogy, but then I'm bad at math :P