Is Depression a Disease?

There are reasons to doubt that depression is merely a psychological malfunction. In this article at Scientific American, scientists discuss that depression might actually be a mental adaptation that brings certain cognitive advantages to the individual, albeit at significant costs.

Depression's Evolutionary Roots


Yes yes yes, it is. Its about time we all recognize this as a disease. Well, people do recognize this as such in this part of the world :-)
Anonymous said…
This article, and the paper associated with it, is unfortunately riddled with holes. The most egregious is that the authors do not adequately define 'depression'; for much of it they seem to be talking about the emotion of depression or feeling low, or at most a mild clinical depression. The references of theirs which I checked seem to back this up - they cite studies involving mood induction, or with participants experiencing mild depression. It makes for a good headline, but unfortunately doesn't check out.
Awais said…
@ reason to keep breathing

Your criticism appears valid. I am grateful for your thoughts.