The Options

Why things are the way they are? Why can't life be different, simple and easy?

Let's see the options:

1) Maybe there is some hidden purpose/reason that we are not aware of underneath the events that take place in our life.

2) Maybe the universe just doesn't care. Life is meaningless, brutal, and indifferent.

3) It is the fault of the society. It's the people around us that make life hard for us.

4) It is the individual's fault. One aims and desires for things that are out of one's reach and capability

Option 3 and 4 can easily co-exist. Are option 1 and 2 compatible? Not apparently, but maybe so. Maybe the so-called 'higher force' of the universe is in a delirious state of consciousness, in which instances of purpose are as intermittent as moments of lucidity in an Alzheimer's patient? Maybe the gods that create the underlying reason beneath the events of our life are subject to a chaotic fate that exists higher than them?

So, possibly, it could be all four options. These were the ones i could think of. If anyone has an option which isn't listed here, please do share.


Mckinley said…
things happening around seems dynamic in its trait.its plastic enough to change and mould the direction net force goes.Its only the net force that defines the ultimate result .We probably cant comprehend our own self acts that contribute majorly in the net force.
The ultimate fate of any event in this life is the result of ones own invisible molecular acts ;only tht God knows it beforehand(He deserves tht much power ,i guess