Me: I hate the fact that my mental conditioning is typical Pakistani. I manage to over-ride it consciously. But i feel disgusted at myself.
Aati: There's not much point in hating yourself. If you had been born with a deformity such as a missing limb, would it have been your fault? The mental conditioning is your invisible handicap. And a highly debilitating one at that. But people learn to walk around handicaps, minimize their effect. That is achievement. Because you can't just grow yourself a limb.
Me: *Sigh* I am a handicapped. Great.
Aati: We all are. We're a one armed subspecies :P


Butters said…
Human beings are also the greatest species.

But I don't think you're handicapped. Perhaps you're being too hard on yourself.
umm... no i disagree... Its like comparing the uncontrollable and the controllable (for the lack of a better example)
You are giving yourself an excuse to justify the existence of what you don't like.
If you don't like a part of yourself, you can change it.
think about it.
F. said…
Mental conditioning sinks to the subconscious level, so it gives the feeling it's always there somewhere beneath the floorboards of conscious thought. Like the tell-tale heart--and maybe only you can sense it. If you are consciously over-riding it, I don't see how you're using this as an excuse. And yes, I agree that mental conditioning can be changed, but over a long duration of time, with the right environment and the right motivation. You can't just clap your hands and announce: Aha! Now I am no longer weighed down by the burden of all that was taught to me and reinforced as necessary for survival in this particular society since the day I was born!
Nen said…
Consciously over-riding it leads to a conflict and a split. You may end up discarding a whole side of you just because its wrongly programmed, unless you are in control of what you are doing.

I'd rather try to go right through it to other side somehow. Which is kind of absurd of course.
Kunwal said…
It is not a handicap, you make it a handicap.
this very mental conditioning you seem to dislike, believe it or not, in some other cultures will be considered as very desirable and advantage!
Most things are not just bad or good. It is us who choose to see it in an optimistic or pessimistic way.
Anonymous said…
I agree with Kunwal.
Salman Latif said…
Having a conscient realization of something lacking within you and the need to improve it is what balances out the consequences, if any, of that so-called handi-cappedness.
N.A. said…
Well, if it is just about mental-conditioning, then the question arises that can we ever ever escape that? Let's suppose if we are able to successfully over-ride the ways in which we are conditioned, won't we end up being conditioned in yet another way?
sarah said…
who is aati
Awais said…
Aati is a dear friend.