Seed of Doubt

Me: X told me that i live in a bubble, that i don't know what real life is like, and that time will show that i am making a mistake. Kind of left me shaken; there is a seed of doubt in me now :(
Aati: Lost revolutions have lost revolutionaries, but things start going awry the moment someone decides to believe a lie; decides they may not love someone but they will eventually; decides they may not have faith in a belief but they will eventually... that's how you end up with regrets. You live someone else's life, and end up missing your own. So master your doubt. A person who doesn't doubt is a person who doesn't believe. Doubt means you can see more now, and the decision you make is not one of ignorance.


Salman Latif said…
On a similar note, if nothing crops doubts unto your heart or casts dubiousness unto your mind on the way to what you hold to, you oughtta review it - for truth and search for it never comes without a price.
Abdul Sami said…
Aati is very clever :D
hmmm you mean doubt is a positive step towards enlightment???
blahhhh!!! it screwed my life over and over!
and hence i m no DOUBTER!
Think Tank said…
know the famous tennyson verse ..something like this : in honest doubt is true faith
Anonymous said…
hmm!!!! i doubt y i found ur blog while searching on aamils,btw gudjob!!
Rhodora Online said…
Anxiety [the emotional state underlying the cognitive state called doubt] can be a signal for a number of things. Our conscious mind can not always perceive things fully but our unconscious mind usually does and transmits the signal to our consciousness in form of anxiety. It's a signal for 'something wrong'. It may reflect 'there is danger out there' OR it may reflect 'there is a need for change'. Our honest introspection might reveal over time what was bugging us.