My Life in Randomization

A great tragedy took place within the span of a generation. Our parents brought us up, sacrificing for us, thinking that we would grow up to want the things they thought we should we want for ourselves; that we would adopt a morality based on family and tradition. But meanwhile, the world changed. The seeds of individualism rolled from the West and sprouted in the East. The children grew up singing "It's my life".

Shock. Conflict. Guilt. Depression. Loss.

It was inevitable. It was no one's fault. But everyone suffered.


I have swam so long in the dark waters of religion, i have forgotten how much good there is in it.


X: Why don't you believe in compromise?
Y: Oh, i do believe in compromise, just like you. It's just that the things i am willing to compromise for are different from the things you are willing to compromise for.


"I am what I am" is a never ending journey of self-definition, because you are defined in terms of what lies beyond you. Labels are arbitrary. But they have the power of definition. Latitudes and longitudes are arbitrary. But they can define a solitary island in obscure waters. "I am what I am" is an island refusing to accept its position on the map.

To accept being a part of an arbitrary 'false' map to avoid being lost. Is it a fair price?


"I have swam so long in the dark waters of religion, i have forgotten how much good there is in it."

F. said…

There are times you leave me speechless,when even applause seems to fall short.
misspecs said…
now that's too much of the truth!
Butters said…
This is a great post.

I think that individualism is a stage in our development, but not the final one. At one point we need to egoistically 'detach' from (i.e. separate from, push away from) institutions and our parents, but eventually we need to detach from our selves, since even our individual ego is ultimately an illusion and a source of enslavement.
Salman Latif said…
The jounrey towards truth continues..
Truly put (:
Mayhem said…
Atleast, a part of me feels at peace. Reading your posts reminds me of how there might be so many other people thinking along the same old lines!

Like my sister says, "We might like to think we are special when in truth we are just yet another blip in the ocean."
Vasudha said…
Brilliant post!